Thursday, October 20, 2016

Your Vote Matters

My social media feeds have been cluttered with POTUS election posts, rants, and mud-slinging garbage for months now. I am so ready, which I am sure most of us are, for this to be over. But you know what? This election is JUST THE BEGINNING. The outcome of this election will affect the rest of our lives, and our children and their children!
 We have to look at the issues at hand, the track records of the candidates and think of what OUR COUNTRY needs.
 Do your research on what each candidate believes or stands for. Learn what they are promising. Decide for yourself if you agree with their policies.

I'll be the first to tell you neither candidate in the major parties is my first choice. One is a proven liar, the other is a pompous millionaire, but you HAVE to pick one, we've all heard "lesser of two evils".....or do you? Are they your only options?

There are other people running for POTUS, but we seldom hear about them because they are not backed by a major party. They are shunned from the Presidential Debate stage unless they hit 15% in the polls leading up to the debates.

Gary Johnson - Libertarian Party
Jill Stein - Green Party
Evan McMullin - Independent

Check out this article. Could Johnson Swing the Election? If Gary Johnson can win JUST ONE state (say New Mexico, his home state), that could prevent either Clinton or Trump from receiving the mandatory 270 electoral votes needed to win, which in turn will swing the election decision to the House of Representatives. Surely they could make a good decision on who is to lead this country?

Take some time to look up and research what the views are of the candidates, ALL of them. See where they stand on the important issues. Decide if you agree with where they stand on immigration, abortion, legalization/decriminalization, health care, gun control and all the other issues at hand. PLEASE get out there and vote! Your voice matters!

I am not a republican.
I am not a democrat.
I am not a conservative.
I am not a liberal.

I am a mixture of "all of the above" and I will vote with my conscious.

With Love As Always,

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