Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weightloss: My Journey

I was in the shower with my 3 year old,  when it hit me. She didn't mean it to be rude, or hurtful but it finally opened my eyes. Children don't filter themselves. If your want honesty,  ask a child.  She told me I was fat. She asked why my belly was SO big, since I wasn't pregnant anymore. She told me I was jiggly. It caught me by surprise. I couldn't be mad. She didn't know any better. I explained that wasn't nice to say to someone, but I knew I had to do something. Had to change, and not just THINK about it.

December 2013

I started this journey in June of 2014, after seeing picures of myself at my best friend's wedding.

April 2014

So far, I am down from a size 15/16 to a 5/6. Lost over 60 lbs.

June 2014/December 2014

I have had a lot of people ask me about how I'm doing it, what I'm using, how much I work out, etc.

There are a few things that you MUST DO, no if's, ands or but's.
1. No fried foods. They are so bad for you, and after eating well for a few weeks, the grease will literally make you sick.

2. No sodas. Period. Wean yourself off if necessary but quit them! I've been told: NEVER DRINK YOUR CALORIES! If you must have tea (and I do) drink half sweet, half unsweet. I also do not like the artificial sweeteners. They can cause you to actually retain weight!

3. Watch your portions. Those serving sizes? They matter! Go by them! You can overeat on healthy too!

4. I stay at a 1200 calorie per day limit. My fitness pal is my saving grace. It's not bad, when you eat the right things. For snacks, skip the bag of chips and opt for carrots (or any veggie) with fat free ranch. You can also make your own dip by adding a teaspoon of ranch dip powder to plain Greek yogurt! Yum! I eat a lot of fresh produce, chicken, shrimp, fish, and salad. I absolutely love wraps!
 I still eat normal food, since I have to feed my family too, but the big thing is watch your PORTIONS! Eating out isn't as hard either anymore! Lots of places list the calorie count on the menu. If you hit the Chick-fil-A, opt for the wrap or grilled sandwhich! Any deli offers salads, wraps, etc! Always get some protein in at every meal! It will keep you fuller longer and help keep those pesky cravings at bay.

5. Don't weigh everyday. It fluctuates too much and you could get discouraged. I try to weigh twice a week, no more. Always in the morning, right after using the bathroom!

6. Working out can boost your weight loss ten fold, but I won't lie...the most excerise I get is chasing my kids around. I do occasional yoga, but more for relaxation and stretching.

7. Give yourself a cheat day (not week!) If you restrict yourself from everything, you will break and find yourself in the closet eating a whole package of chips yourself.

8. Watch the alcohol intake. It can add up fast! They don't call it a "beer gut" for nothing! The occasional drink is ok, but no frat party drinking!

9. Most importantly, don't give up. You will hit stalls. Push harder. Keep your eye on the goal. Remember why you're doing this. A healthy body feels so much better than an unhealthy one!

January 2015

February 2015

Hope this helps everyone! Feel free to message me for any more questions I didn't cover!

UPDATE 10/20/2016:

Hey y'all! Just thought I'd update this to where I am at now! I am currently down to 135 (OMG!) and a size 1/2 or 3/4 depending on brand! I finally wore a bikini for the first time in years and it felt so good!

May 2015
June 2015
I still have my "mommy marks" but I have come to embrace those for all they're worth. They are a "battle scar" of sorts to prove what I've done! 

October 2015
May 2016

I am keeping it off guys, by keeping myself accountable! You can do it too!