Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Counting down the days♥

Hello all! I always do this, but once again, I got super busy and kind of (not completely) forgot about blogging for a whole minute! With all the stuff I've got going on, I am lucky to remember to put on pants before leaving the house ha. Here are the latest pictures of the BUMP♥
25 weeks 5 days ♥

26 weeks ♥

27 weeks 2 days ♥

31 weeks 5 days ♥

♥ Our 3D sonogram! We actually caught her smiling! ♥

Had a contraction scare a few weeks ago. Went into L&D and got them stopped (gave me Brethine to stop them) and we've been good so far. I am still having them, but these are just the Braxton Hicks. Work is getting harder and harder. On my feet for 8 hours a day is no joke when I've got a bun in the oven! C-section is scheduled for September 30th (47 more days!), which is coming up quick! Scheduled the baby shower for September 1st. SUPER excited about that one!

How far along: 33 weeks!

Symptoms: Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn! Sleep is definitely becoming more difficult. Exhaustion more than anything. Oh, and did I mention that pesky constipation? Sorry, TMI I know.

Weight gain: 22.8lbs so far.

Cravings: Still mostly sweets. As far as anything else, my appetite has basically left. I can't get motivated for anything!  

Cry this week: Nope.  

Upcoming appointments: OB appointment August 27th! We're going every two weeks now!

Kamree's thoughts: She asks everyday if her sister can come out yet, but when other people ask her, she tells them "hers still growing up in there!"

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