Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Differences: 1st and 2nd pregnancies ♥

Just wanted to share this cute and HILARIOUSLY accurate depiction of the differences between your first and second pregnancy! Too funny not to share! I shared the link to the original post if you want it!

10.  First Pregnancy:  You devour every single weekly pregnancy milestone update from and know exactly what kind of fruit/vegetable your baby currently resembles.
Second Pregnancy:  “How far along am I?  Um, let me see…maybe somewhere in the first trimester?  Wait, no, third.  I think.”

9.  First Pregnancy:  You diligently avoid all caffeine, alcohol, sushi and other supposed pregnancy no-nos.
Second Pregnancy:  “Make it a DOUBLE ESPRESSO.  And bring it up to the bathroom where I’m going to be snorting aspirin in a steaming hot bath.  Thanks!”

8.  First Pregnancy:  “Yay!  I’m starting to show!”
Second Pregnancy:  “Oh, God.  I’m starting to show.  AND I’M ONLY ONE WEEK PREGNANT.”

7.  First Pregnancy: You play French folk music and Learn Japanese CDs before going to sleep in hopes of giving birth to a multilingual genius with an IQ of 150.
Second Pregnancy:  Screw the folk music.  Nothing wrong with having a child of mediocre intelligence!  Because, let’s face it, you want to go to sleep as soon as you can when you already have a child with another on the way.

6.  First Pregnancy:  You feel the baby kick around 20 weeks.
Second Pregnancy:  You feel the baby kick around 12 weeks.  And why is that?  “Your muscles aren’t as strong the second time around, so you feel it more,” the OB says “helpfully.”  *SIGH*  A simple “you’re more in-tune with your body” would have sufficed, doc.

5.  First Pregnancy:  YOU:  Guess what?  I’m pregnant!  FRIENDS & FAMILY:  Yaaaaayyyy!  This is the best news EVER!
Second Pregnancy:  YOU:  Guess what?  I’m pregnant!  FRIENDS & FAMILY:  Huh. Was this planned?

4.  First Pregnancy:  You buy a ton of maternity clothes to show off that beautiful, blossoming bump.
Second Pregnancy:  It’s all about sweatpants.

3.  First Pregnancy:  You have outdone yourself with the nursery, which is beautiful enough to be displayed in the pages of House Beautiful.
Second Pregnancy:  You’re not even sure where you’re going to put the kid.  Put a blanket in a dresser drawer, perhaps?

2.  First Pregnancy:  You rub cocoa butter on your stomach every day to avoid stretch marks.
Second Pregnancy:  You quickly throw on your sweats to avoid looking at the stretch marks caused by your first pregnancy.

1.  First Pregnancy:  You and your baby are celebrated at a fun baby shower.
Second Pregnancy:  You are lucky if you have the time to take a hot shower.

I got this funny tidbit at Pregnancy Humor!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Counting down the days♥

Hello all! I always do this, but once again, I got super busy and kind of (not completely) forgot about blogging for a whole minute! With all the stuff I've got going on, I am lucky to remember to put on pants before leaving the house ha. Here are the latest pictures of the BUMP♥
25 weeks 5 days ♥

26 weeks ♥

27 weeks 2 days ♥

31 weeks 5 days ♥

♥ Our 3D sonogram! We actually caught her smiling! ♥

Had a contraction scare a few weeks ago. Went into L&D and got them stopped (gave me Brethine to stop them) and we've been good so far. I am still having them, but these are just the Braxton Hicks. Work is getting harder and harder. On my feet for 8 hours a day is no joke when I've got a bun in the oven! C-section is scheduled for September 30th (47 more days!), which is coming up quick! Scheduled the baby shower for September 1st. SUPER excited about that one!

How far along: 33 weeks!

Symptoms: Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn! Sleep is definitely becoming more difficult. Exhaustion more than anything. Oh, and did I mention that pesky constipation? Sorry, TMI I know.

Weight gain: 22.8lbs so far.

Cravings: Still mostly sweets. As far as anything else, my appetite has basically left. I can't get motivated for anything!  

Cry this week: Nope.  

Upcoming appointments: OB appointment August 27th! We're going every two weeks now!

Kamree's thoughts: She asks everyday if her sister can come out yet, but when other people ask her, she tells them "hers still growing up in there!"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's a...


Sorry it's been so long! Been super busy at work! But hey, at least I have a job, right?
Anywho, we found out at 20 weeks that this will be baby girl Shaw #2! We are SO excited, and Kamree is too! She can't wait to be a big sister! I know I haven't shared any pictures so here are a few!
15 weeks♥

16 weeks♥

18 weeks♥

22 weeks♥
We DO have a name, but are not telling anyone yet! Trying to keep it a surprise! (We've only told close family and friends.) I will tell you though, the initials are KHS!
How far along: 23 weeks 1 day today!

Symptoms: My morning sickness is GONE! But i'm still so exhausted! Had a bit of dehydration a few weeks ago, but all is well now!

Weight gain: 11lbs so far.

Cravings: Mostly sweets. Rocky Road ice cream to name the biggest one.  

Cry this week: Nope.  

Upcoming appointments: OB appt June 18th!

Kamree's thoughts: She can't wait until her baby sister gets here! She's practicing with her baby dolls. She's going to be a great BIG sister, I just know it!
Until next time!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roses are red, Violets are blue...

...We're having another baby, and hoping for blue!

 15 weeks ♥

Yes, yes! After a few months of trying, I am super happy to say Justin and I are expecting again! Everything is looking great, and right on track for an early October due date. Due to the fact that I had such a difficult time with Kamree's delivery, and we had to resort to a C-section, we will be doing a repeat. Already scheduled for September 30th, 2013! 

How far along: 15 weeks today!
Symptoms: My morning sickness has finally subsided, but the headaches and sinus congestion are sticking around for awhile I'm assuming.
Weight gain: 5lbs so far.
Cravings: For the past few days, all i've wanted was a PB&J sandwich. Ate one tonight...DELISH.
Cry this week: Not that I can recall actually.
Upcoming appointments: OB appt April 16th!
Kamree's thoughts: She loves her baby "brother". Guess she has made her assumption!

We can't express how thankful we are for all the blessings in our lives, and how fortunate we are! We should find out (*fingers crossed*) the sex of the baby May 16th! 

How did you find out you were pregnant?  Home Pregnancy Test.
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? First Response.
How many?  2. A day apart. Just to be sure. I hadn't even missed my period yet, I just had a "feeling!"
What were your 1st symptoms?  Really sore boobs. LIKE bad.
Who did you tell first?  My daughter, Kamree ♥
Who was with you when you found out?  I was actually home by myself...and was like "OMG!"
My 1st reaction:  Disbelief. We'd been trying, and I was getting down about so many negatives to preceding months.
Was your baby planned?  YES!
When was the baby conceived?  Uh hum, Early January. Around the 12th. WHICH is coincidentally the night of our annual Abilene Speedway racer's banquet. ALWAYS a good time =]
How far were you when you found out?  Right at 4 weeks!
How did your parents react? All of our parents we're SUPER excited for us, since they all knew we were trying!

On that note, I am going to TRY to keep you guys updated weekly, instead of monthly like I have been! 
Love and Blessings!