Saturday, November 17, 2012

My ink, My life

I've had the "ink bug" for a few months now, but I can't decide which of my prospective artworks to get. This got me thinking of my current ink, and the stories behind each one. Some people don't like them, fine by me, just don't judge mine, my body, my choice. Not many people even know I have a tattoo, let alone 4. Each one of them means something, something unique. I'll start with the first one I ever got...on my 18th birthday, with my mom. ♥
and my mom's...
Then my 2nd and 3rd, done about 3 months apart. I got these during a "phase", but i don't regret them one bit. I know they are common, and everybody and thier dog has them, but I don't care. I looked all over my hard drive but i apparently only took pictures of the first one, SO just to fill you in, there is an identical star on the opposite hip.
And last but not least, my FAVORITE one of all. My tattoo for Kamree. I had this originally designed for me, hand written by my artist, John from Happy Dragon in Abilene, TX. NO ONE else in the world has this exact tattoo. This is Kamree's foot print from the day she was born.

The next one will be a memorial for Nicholas Haden Lee Walker. I drew it up myself, which was difficult for me to do. Haven't decided on placement just yet, but IT WILL happen.
Happy Inking!

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