Friday, November 23, 2012

Capture the pie: Davis style!

So most families have traditions on Thanksgiving. Some get around in a circle and say what they're thankful for. Some play a friendly game of touch football in the front yard. (Phat Boyz 2012!) Some eat and eat and eat, then sit around the living room scouting out the deals they HAVE TO HAVE out of the black Friday ads. 

OK, my family does everyone of these things, every year, but the main point of this post is our newest tradition. 

Capture the Pie.

My Meemaw's peanut butter pie, to be exact. It is like heaven in a crust. Smooth, silky, creamy JOY!

Object of the "game" is to end up with the pie, in your vehicle, at the end of the day. First person to hide it has to hide it well BECAUSE whoever finds it can eat what they want out of it, then re-hide the pie. So on and so forth, until either you (or someone else) go home with your pie, or it is completely consumed by ravage cavemen (the rival partakers of said game.) 

Yesterday we started with 4 pies. My brother, Kendall, our cousin, Ty and myself had an "alliance" going for our pie (that was never found by anyone else, by the way! We took home the entire thing!) My uncle and I went back and forth with his though, and by the end of it, I think he left with one piece. HA. A couple others were pilfered , however, I have no idea who the victors of those pies are. After eating till' we literally couldn't sit straight, the kiddos played in the leaves. I do have some pictures of Kelci and Kamree, SO enjoy!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My ink, My life

I've had the "ink bug" for a few months now, but I can't decide which of my prospective artworks to get. This got me thinking of my current ink, and the stories behind each one. Some people don't like them, fine by me, just don't judge mine, my body, my choice. Not many people even know I have a tattoo, let alone 4. Each one of them means something, something unique. I'll start with the first one I ever got...on my 18th birthday, with my mom. ♥
and my mom's...
Then my 2nd and 3rd, done about 3 months apart. I got these during a "phase", but i don't regret them one bit. I know they are common, and everybody and thier dog has them, but I don't care. I looked all over my hard drive but i apparently only took pictures of the first one, SO just to fill you in, there is an identical star on the opposite hip.
And last but not least, my FAVORITE one of all. My tattoo for Kamree. I had this originally designed for me, hand written by my artist, John from Happy Dragon in Abilene, TX. NO ONE else in the world has this exact tattoo. This is Kamree's foot print from the day she was born.

The next one will be a memorial for Nicholas Haden Lee Walker. I drew it up myself, which was difficult for me to do. Haven't decided on placement just yet, but IT WILL happen.
Happy Inking!

Oh you fancy, huh?

SO I have been begging Justin for a new bridal set for Christmas/my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I love the one I have, I just want one that I picked out. You ladies get where I'm coming from...right?

Any who, I went with a friend to a few jewelry stores last night to kind of get a for sure idea of what I wanted. She was "window shopping" for herself. ha. Well, at Kay Jewelers, I found the perfect ring. Princess cut, white gold, and not going to cost my husband his spare kidney. IT IS PERFECT. 

So to guarantee my husband gets the right one, I brought home the catalog, with the perfect ring circled, the manager's business card, a picture mail sent straight to his phone, and the link to the site. I'm covering all bases. =) 

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that "mama get's what mama wants!"

I'll keep you posted =)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vegas, baby ♥

So I know it's been FOREVER since I last posted anything (been super busy) but here I am.

You're welcome.

So, Justin and I left November 2nd for Las Vegas, NV with a group of friends. There were 6 of us (including me) all driving up there in a hauler...for 18 hours. Talk about getting close to your buds. Well, we had a BLAST!

But you know what they say...what happens in Vegas....STAYS in Vegas. ha.

But I will bless you with some pictures!