Thursday, October 4, 2012

powderpuff football game...

So tonight the Sweetwater High School held it's annual Powderpuff football game in the bowl. This happens every year on our bi week. I remember when our class beat the seniors our junior year. That year got rough...if I remember correctly they called it in the third quarter due to injuries and "tackling" instead of flag grabbing. We had a girl come away with a broken ankle, a concusion or two, plus numerous bumps, bruises and scratches. My brother is a Junior this year and was a cheerleader. HA. Our girls played really well, and came away with a "W". Score: 6-0. There were a lot of flags for "personal foul" ie: a VERY obvious FACE PALM by the seniors. I'm surprised that one didn't end in an all out brawl on the 50. SO, here are some pictures from the night...feel free to laugh your tush off!

The "cheerleaders" in what seems to be
 a make shift pyramid attempt.

The players! ( Thanks to Allison W. for this picture!)
The whole crew after the WIN!
The boys: Ty Davis (cousin), Trey Harvey (friend) and my brother, Kendall Rea. Such lookers!!!

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