Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our past week re-cap!

Friday Sept 28th - drove all the way to Brownwood just to sit in the POURING rain and watch football. I love watching my boys, however, I DO NOT get enthusiastic about sitting in soggy jeans, a wet shirt, and under a "too-big" umbrella that I apparently can't navigate. I literally took out 4 or 5 people, including my little brother's girlfriend! Sorry Megan!

2012-09-29 14.59.44.jpgSaturday Sept 29th - Justin's twin sister's turned 18, and also had a volleyball game at 2pm here in Sweetwater. We went to the high school gym, watched them during the first 3 games, but then had to leave. Turns out, they lost after we left...guess I am a good luck charm ha. Kamree caught Kendra's (KK) decorated ball, and hasn't put it down since.

2012-09-29 20.10.41.jpgAfter the game, my lovely husband and I went to Abilene for dinner with the twins, Kendra and Kelsi, their little brother Blaine, and their dad, Cutter Crosson for the girls birthday. Texas Roadhouse, yes it was delish, thanks for asking

Afterwards, Justin and I went to Century 12 to watch "The Campaign". It was quite funny, but not as funny of some of Will's other movies. We practically had the whole theater to ourselves. NO, we didn't do anything like all you other hoodlums might have!!!

Tonight we are going to the circus! Courtney, my mom, Kamree, Justin, Codi, Dave, their little girls Ali and Kelci, Daniel, Wendy, Ty, Devyn, and myself! (and to think that's not even a quarter of my family). Hopefully the kids enjoy it. We have come to the realization that my child will either LOVE it or HATE it. Let's hope she loves it. ha. I will for sure post after tonight's events...with pictures!!!

Well, I will leave you with some pictures from the past few months. Enjoy! =]

Kamree cheesin' it up! Love this smile more than life itself!!!

I found these pictures on my great-grandmother's fridge Sunday. Good golly, I was a goofy looking kid! From my 5th grade basketball pic, to the all famous "Jump Rope Team" picture that more resembles an elderly little man, than an 11 year old little girl...I can easily say that haircut was one of the WORST decisions of my life. ha.

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