Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elephants, tigers and toddlers...OH MY!

OK, so I have to admit, for Sweetwater, TX that circus was PRETTY good! I really liked to acrobat ladies. Hanging from the ceiling like it's no biggie! If I ever got the (uh-hum) to try that, i'd die. Heck, I got nauseated riding the elephant. YES I rode a full grown elephant. Now, I can not wait till' Vegas when I get to see Cirque De Solis!!!!!! So, I promised pictures from tonight's festivities so here they are!!!

Courtney, Kamree and mommy havin' fun in the bleachers!!!!
Kelci and Bubby after getting their faces painted!

Miss diva Kelci showing off her butterfly face!!
These girls were awesome!

These two are hanging by their necks. um ouch?

The bottom girl is suspended by a rope, connected to both of their necks. AND she is spinning super fast. wow.

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