Monday, September 24, 2012

Of course I DO!

Of course I DO...feel like hammered dog poo on my anniversary. Seems like every holiday or even any special day, I am either exhausted and tired or i'm sick and miserable. WELL i'll have you know, I will not let this cough/body aches/sputum (ha) ruin my anniversary. It's the big 1 year, the most important one. (well besides 50th, but that's so important because most don't live to see it). Went to bed last night with a sore throat, and woke up today with burning lungs and coughing up some stuff I will not go into detail on, because i'd like to spare POINT IS, I feel horrible, and am stuck at work, but when my hubby gets home today, fever or not, I WILL make him an anniversary dinner complete with a movie and some snuggle time on the couch - giving that he gets close to me with this apparent fire breathing coming from my burning lungs. - Oh well, at least i'm here. At least i'm alive to see today. At least i'm not divorced by the one year mark like so many my age are. Ok, now to eat my luke warm turkey pot pie and head back to work. I'll check in later...if you're lucky.

Laters baby!

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