Monday, April 2, 2012

Abilene Speedway - START YOUR ENGINES!

So this past Saturday, 3/31/12 was the opening night of our racing season at Abilene Speedway. It was also my aunt Codi's birthday. Just a quick fill-ya-in before i go on about the night...

There are a few people you need to know to understand me when I talk about racing:
  1. Justin - my husband, drives the #55 IMCA Sport Mod
  2. Dave - my uncle, drives the #02 IMCA Mod
  3. Kendall - my brother, drives the #44 IMCA Hobby Stock
  4. JD - cousin, drives the #62 IMCA Hobby Stock
  5. Ty - cousin, drives the #26 IMCA Hobby Stock
  6. Josh - best man in my wedding, family friend, drives the #911 IMCA Mod
Ok, now with that covered, I will continue with recapping the events of the night...

In the heat, Justin finished 2nd, and the car got a vibration towards the end, but he fixed what ever it was after he came off the track. In Dave's heat, he got out front and lead the whole thing, finishing 1st in his heat.  Kendall, of course, blew his 2nd motor. 2nd time on the track, 2nd motor to blow. He just CAN'T catch a break! Ty didn't race because his car isn't race ready...yet! J.D. finished 5th, I think, in his heat.

Now on to the features:
Justin started 3rd row, outside (6th) in his A feature, and battled his way up to finish 4th. He did an awesome job considering we didn't have much power in the motor that night with the distributor acting up. Good job babe!

Dave started 2nd row, inside (3rd). He had some of the fastest guys in IMCA in that race. Josh McGaha, who won the Abilene Speedway Southern Challenge, is one of the best, most balls-out drivers i've ever met. If he is behind you, he will be coming up quick. Dave was leading the race within a few laps, and once he got that #1 spot, all that was left to do was hold on to it. He had to fight Josh off corner after corner, but Dave pulled off from him every time. It was quite possibly one of the BEST races i've seen yet. Dave, who is also known as the "Mudstud", took the checkered, pulled into the winners circle, and "walked like Bernie" (some new dance going around). He has been busting his tail for this, and it was WELL deserved! Not to mention, a "W" on his wife's birthday!!!

J.D. started outside pole in his A feature. He didn't win, but was able to load the car in one piece, and still took the checkered.

Kendall didn't run his feature, due to the motor problems in the heat. poop.

All in all, it was a good night, besides little brother blowing a brand new motor. There's always next week!

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